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Movin’ on – to the Titans and Playoffs

December 16, 2008

OK, so I am leaving the Ravens game alone now.  Not even gonna talk about it anymore.

On to the Titans.

I’m mixed this week.  I’d love to see my team win the #1 spot in the AFC and have home field advantage throughout the playoffs but it seems, this year, that they play better on the road when the stakes are high.  And if history tells us anything the same is true of playoffs in general.  The Steelers have lost AFC Championship games in 1994 (Chargers), 1997 (Broncos), 2001 and 2004 (Patriots both times) when they had home field advantage.  Yet, when they were a wildcard, they played and won 3 games on the road and won Super Bowl XL.

They’ve broken a lot of historical trends this year – beating the Patriots and beating the Ravens in Baltimore (regardless how the game was refereed) – is there a point when you just say, “Hey, might our luck run out?”

I’m a big believer in karma.  If we do happen to win, have home field advantage and happen to meet the Ravens at our house in the post season – how much do you think they will want to win that game?  Well, even if we mee them anywhere, how much do you think they will want to win?  Let’s not test the luck too much, and let’s not put a win in the hands of a ref.  I want to win.  Without a doubt win.

Now, back to the Titans – since I said I wouldn’t talk about the Ravens, yet still did.

I’m not sure that the Titans have seen a defense like Pittsburgh’s all season.  I said in an earlier post they were definitely beatable and that has shown up in how they’ve played since the Jets beat them.  I think they have a decent offense, but again, when you face the best defense in the league it gets hard to move the ball.  There will be no running game and knowing that Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark etc are out there just watching the ball and waiting for the opportunity for an interception can shake a QB up a little.  The pressure will be on.

I’m also going to say that Ben throws the ball a little like he did this week.  Conservative and careful.

My prediction: Pittsburgh 31 Tennessee 21.

Home field advantage here we come.  Let’s continue breaking trends.

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