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Wildcard Weekend Wrap Up

January 6, 2009

Since this is a blog about my beloved Steelers and they are an AFC team, I’m sticking with the AFC theme until closer to the Super Bowl.

First up – Colts vs Chargers.

This was a great game.  Both teams were competitive and while Philip Rivers didn’t have an earth shattering night, he did his job – make good decisions.  Up against the league MVP Peyton Manning and with a record of 8-8, the Chargers barely made the playoffs and were not necessarily expected to win this one.  But win it they did.  Overall, what made the difference?  Colts had penalties called in critical situations, specifically in that final drive in overtime setting up Sproles for game winning TD.  Note on Sproles, he had best combined net yards in NFL post-season history – BUT, let me say it now, he won’t get that with the Steelers defense.  Guaranteed Troy will be waiting for him…that is if Harrison and Woodley don’t get to him first.

Ravens vs. Miami

I’ll say it here, for my Ravens friends, they look great.  I always get a knot in my stomach when I watch the Ravens play.  Pittsburgh rivals and almost a mirror image when it comes to defense.  There just aren’t a lot of NFl defenses who play physical like the Steelers and the Ravens.  That said, not only does the defense look good, but so does the Ravens offense.  Flacco reminds me of rookie Ben Roethlisberger a little. 

Miami absolutely couldn’t handle both the Ravens defense nor their offense.  For example, where was the pass rush on Flacco?  I know Joey Porter can get to the QB, but he was controlled for the most part.  Miami is a great comeback story and to make it to the playoffs says a lot for that team and their dedication.  It’ll be interesting to see how they end up for next year – where they draft and what they plan. 

My predictions for next week:

Steelers vs. Chargers

At home @ Heinz Field.  West coast teams haven’t played well on the East coast.  Chargers most likely playing without LT.  Bottom line, I don’t think Sproles or anyone else can handle Steelers defense.  As long as Pittsburgh offense doesn’t make big mistakes, and they all play hard, it’s a Steelers win.  Score will be somewhat tight.  27-17, Pittsburgh.

Ravens @ Tennessee

Hmm, this is a tough one.  Can’t wait to see this game.  Both teams are tough.  I need to sit on this one a little bit.  Can’t comment quite yet….I’m leaning Ravens….

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